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Look what finally came in the mail. The slim wallet Caesy made from Draught Dry Goods.

Thank god, cause the wallet I’ve been using has been a piece of shit temporary one since I lost my Monte Blanc. 

The best thing about this wallet is the fact that though it is a very simple design, it has enough room for me to carry what I only need. I always hated having large wallets, and for some reason found ways to shove more stuff into them then needed. 

I absolutely love this wallet’s simple design. Each one is hand made by Caesy himself and you can see the quality (which explains why it takes a few weeks, each one is made to order) Plus he’ll repair it if anything (I’m assuming with in reason) happens to it.

Fine 2oz black leather outer and strap.

Oak waxed canvas card slot & cash pocket.

Black rivets.

Made one by one in the USA.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for fulfillment.

Thanks a lot Caesy! I got  my eyes on the  Waxed Weekender next. 

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